about Toráin

At Torain, we offer a wide selection of high-quality sneakers and shoes that are perfect for any occasion.

Our brand is focused on producing unique sneakers inspired by the mysterious
stories of Toráin creatures.

Each pair of our shoes is designed to represent a specific deity with its own unique powers.

As we release new pairs of sneakers, we reveal legends
about the coveted Toráin.

If you're in search of stylish and unique footwear, be sure to check out our collection of Torain sneakers and shoes. Our selection of quality sneakers and shoes is unmatched, and we're confident you'll find something you'll love.

Shop our collection now to find the perfect pair of stylish and unique Torain shoes.

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Things to know before placing an order


Pre - Order

Our factory has quoted 5 weeks to manufacture and ship the sneakers to our warehouse, so buyers will get them in 6-7 weeks. Customers will be updated about manufacturing progress via email as well as a tracking number.


Early Access

By leaving your contact information in the " Join the Toráin Family " section, you will receive an early access code that you can use to purchase the sneakers. The website is closed to those who do not have an early access code until the drop date.



At the time of drop, the website is finally open and ready to take orders. Since the quantity of the shoes is limited you better not waste the time. Same-day shipping. There will be NO RESTOCK.